Shrijee is fully equipped to supply all cane handling equipment / preparation equipment such as cane unloader , feeding table, cane kicker, cane cutter, fibrizer, chopper and cane carrier with variable frequency drive system.

The sugar cane milling tandem can be supplied with 3 roller, 5 roller, 6 roller mill with plantery gear drive systems. Also included is the bagasse carrier and return bagasse carrier.

Shrijee sugar mill machinery provides cost effective solution and bring state of art of technology, maximum efficiency giving high reliability.

Shrijee Cane Milling Features:

  • Robust heavy-duty housing
  • Pin-type construction for easy assembling and dismantling
  • Suitability of cane feed with Dounely Chute


  • Low power consumption
  • Less re-absorption
  • High extraction of juice with low operational cost
  • Less maintenance
  • High throughput
  • Low bagasse moisture
  • Low sugar loss in milling
  • Flexibility for further expansion