Batch Type M/C – Fully automatic Centrifugal Machine

  • Basket is manufactured out of AISI 316L provided with S.S. HOOD operated with Pneumatic Cylinder. Ample drainage area is provided for faster draining of the molasses.
  • Robust design Bearing Assembly with Rubber. Buffer is provided with forges shaft Break Assembly.
  • Coupling is provided with Poly Urethene Star, Couples Motor with machine.
  • D.C. Motor with Panel or A.C. Motor with VFD Drive being supplied.
  • In order to run the machine fully automatically pneumatic cylinders are operated through Solenoid valve for which operating signal is provided with proximately switch through Control panel.

Continuous Type Centrifugal Machine

  • Basket is manufactured out of S.S. ASI-316L provided with ample drainage area for fast drainage of molasses which helps for better curing and better capacity.
  • Basket dia 1100mm/1500mm.
  • Screening area 14500 cm2/23200cm2.
  • Recommended speed 1800 rpm for “B” & “C” after worker and 2000 rpm for “C” Massecuite.
  • Required Nos. Rubber Buffers are provided for proper dampening effect.
  • Water spray pipe provided with water sprays nozzles.