Turnkey Ethanol Plants

Shrijee is now offering turnkey solutions for ethanol production from Sugarcane Juice, Sugar Cane Molasses & Sweet Sorghum. Modern technologies will be used for Fermentation, Distillation, Dehydration and Waste Treatment.

Our goal will be to supply a distillery with the appropriate technology for each client’s needs. Emphasis will be on energy saving, reducing waste water and project management.

In addition to fuel alcohol, Shrijee is also offering potable alcohol and evaporation plants.

Sugar producers all over the world are realizing that to improve the viability of their sugar mill project, the byproducts of sugar should also be monetized. Shrijee looks forward to working with sugar producers all over the world to help them set up world-class ethanol plants.

Note: We do not manufacture or sell ethanol or alcohol.