Syrup Clarification System

Syrup clarification is useful for producing higher quality plantation white or direct consumption sugar with lower IU colour and lower residual sulphur dioxide levels. National standards for residual sulphur dioxide and colour have been lowered to reflect the growing demand for improved quality and concerns for health risks.


  • Reduction of turbidity upto 90%.
  • Removal of maximum Bagacillo and suspended solid.
  • Reduction of ICU MSA colour up to 25%.
  • Reduction of viscosity of syrup and further process material.
  • Faster crystallization, higher exhaustion and less final molasses purity.
  • High quality sugar with less sulphur content.
  • Lower IU colour sugar.

Filtrate Clarification System

Filtrate coming from vacuum filter is very low in purity, rich in gums and non-sugars. This filtrate is directed towards the mixed juice, and it will have adverse effect in processing. Thus a new system has been developed by Shrijee to clarify the filtrate in separate stream suitable to produce clear filtrate equivalent to clear juice.


  • Rise in boiling house recovery.
  • Rise in filtrate juice purity by 2-4 units.
  • Increase in clarification house capacity by 5-10%.
  • Improvement in performance and capacity of vacuum filter.
  • Reduction in colour.
  • Increase in clear juice transmittance 5-7%.
  • Reduction of scale in sulphited juice heaters.

Short Retention Time Clarifier (SRT)

To reduce the inversion losses in Clarifier, Shrijee introduced the Short Retention Time Clarifier which effectively reduces sugar losses by bringing down retention time from approximately three hours to nearby forty-five minutes for clarification of sugarcane juice. The process also facilitates better removal of non-sugar.

It is manufactured as per client’s requirement in various ranges of factory capacity and the required automation is provided to achieve maximum efficiency.


  • Low retention time for juice (40-45 minutes).
  • Better settling rates because of reduced effects of turbulence and entrapped air.
  • Less risk of destruction of Sucrose and hence minimum sugar loss.
  • Optimised settling rate.
  • High capacity handling with low holding volume.
  • Easy controls with flexibility of operation.
  • Low Space requirement by up to 30%.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Easy mud level control and mud withdrawal.
  • Substantial saving in foundation cost.

Rotary Vacuum Filter

Rotary drum vacuum filters are extremely popular in sugar industry. It is a great choice for the treatment of muddy in sugar industry

We provide the Rotary Vacuum Filter with the following accessories:

  • Mud mixer
  • Mud trough
  • Rotary filter drum
  • Vacuum regulating valves
  • Filtrate pump
  • Vacuum pump and barometric condenser
  • Entrainment separator
  • Bagacillo blower

Shrijee’s Rotary Vacuum Filter has many advantages:

  • Rotary Vacuum Filter is a continuous and automatic operation thus reducing the operating costs.
  • Variation of the drum speed rotation can be used to control cake thickness.
  • Simple and durable design with low maintenance and long life.
  • Wide range of sizes