Bagasse Cogeneration Plant

Sugar Industry is the only industry which utilizes all its waste and is an assured eternal source of renewable energy to the universe.

Recognizing this, Shrijee group, took to the cause of producing energy from bagasse based cogeneration power plant. Until a few years back, bagasse,( the sugar cane waste after extracting juice to make sugar ), was burnt as fuel in the boilers to generate steam and power just sufficient for captive consumption for the plant. Today, with high pressure Boilers – as high as 140 ATA and advanced systems of controls, Shrijee is one of the suppliers of integrated cogeneration power plant in sugar industry which can generate surplus power utilizing the same quantity of bagasse and this power can be exported to the power grid. Such co- generation facilities across sugar cane factories have successfully supplemented the energy needs of the consumer.

India is one of the largest producers of sugar cane and thus there is a large scale supply of RENEWABLE FUEL. Not to miss the opportunity offered by this wonder raw material source, Shrijee has joined hands with renowned associates in creating “A HUB OF ENERGY PRODUCERS“. Shrijee believes that “ENERGY SAVED IS 1.5 TIMES THE ENERGY GENERATED“.

Based on this basic concept, Shrijee has developed energy conservation measures at every energy consumption points i.e. power & steam. We have developed power & steam saving units/measures in all the sections of the sugar factory (milling, boilers & process house), thereby the power generation & quantum of export has improved. This means more KW/kg of steam.

The power generated from the generators will be fed to indoor metal clad 11 KW switch gear through rates cables. The 11 KW switch gear includes all required current transformers, breakers and protective relays. The 11 KW switch gear will comprise draw out type circuit breaker housed in door. Power evacuation will be done through 100% capacity transformers rated as per requirement.

Bagasse Fired Boiler

Shrijee can supply a wide range of bagasse fired steam boiler that utilizes waste generated from cane sugar mills viz., the bagasse. Based on in-depth basic engineering expertise, the wide range of boilers vary both in terms of capacity & pressures. The type, capacity and pressure of boilers are tailor-made to suit the specific requirements of Mini, Medium and & Large capacity Sugar Mills, conforming to Indian as well as international standards

With the help of our dedicated and specialist engineering team for fabrication, project management, quality assurance as well as erection & commissioning we undertake from concept to commissioning of wide range of boilers.

The steam generation system can also be manufactured for varied & multi fuels like bagasse/coal/fuel oil/biomass/gas catering to a wide range of Industries worldwide,

We supply complete steam generating stations with all accessories such as Secondary Air Fans ( SA ), Forced Draft fans ( F D ) Induced Draft fans ( ID ) waste heat recovery steam generators units like economizers and Air pre Heaters.

We have developed low emission flue gas system by introducing Electro static precipitator system / wet scrubber system to control & reduce the environmental pollution.

The system is also designed to include frequency controlled & energy efficient motors to operate the steam generation at optimum capacity & efficiencies.We supply water tube Boiler System with high efficiency membrane wall panel / Travelling grate / Dumping grate/ Reciprocating grate to meet the client’s specific requirement up to140 TPH, and 87 Ata Pressure.Well established After-Sales setup and services.

Steam Turbine

Shrijee can supply Steam Turbines of all types such as Back Pressure, Back Pressure Extraction and Condensing cum Extraction. Turbines suitable for high pressure steam and temperature from 20ATA/340 deg.C to 110 ATA/ 510 deg.C. and capacity from 2 MW to 25 MW suitable for Cogeneration plants with Double or Triple extraction and Water cooled condenser / Air Cooled condenser as per client’s specific requirement.

Turbines and Generators with multistage gear box to achieve speed reduction suitable to Generator speed, Generators of L.T. and H.T voltages, 440V, 6.6KV, 11KV can be supplied.

Accessories include control panels such as Electronic Governor control, Auto Synchronizing system, Vibration monitor, Auto power factor correction system, Automatic voltage regulation system and HT control panels, Lub oil system, Alternator cooling system, condensate extraction system, surface condenser, relays and relief valves, cooling water recirculation system.

Alternators and control panels can be supplied as per client requirement