As the efficiency of the rotary vacuum filter is mainly depending upon the bagacillo which is to be supplied at adequate quantity, Shrijee has developed new equipment Bagacillo Tumbler which can supply the adequate bagacillo for the better performance of the rotary vacuum filter. Rotary bagacillo tumbler is a specially designed cylindrical rotating equipment on inclined access. At the top of the drum there is cleaning arrangement. Mill outlet bagasse will be fed to the rotary bagacillo tumbler with feed chute arrangement and the discharged bagasse of the tumbler will be given to the existing bagasse conveyor. The separated bagacillo will be collected into the bagacillo trough and fed to the bagacillo blower suction for further pneumatic conveying to the mud mixer.

Advantages of Rotary Bagacillo Tumbler:

  • Continuous and adequate supply of bagacillo.
  • Improved filterability in the existing plant.
  • Suitable for installation in the existing plant.
  • Requires minimum power consumption.
  • Easy installation.
  • Reduction of the sugar loss through filter cake upto 0.01%.