The Juice from the Mill is measured using mass flow meter & constant flow is maintained to the inlet of Juice heaters. The Juice pumps are operated by VFD and speed is controlled in DCS

Shrijee provide automation for to maintain the flow and temperature for each juice heater with following features

  • The Juice temperature in Juice Heaters are measured and controlled as per the process setpoints in the DCS.
  • The pH of pre-liming, shock limimng and Final limimg are measured and controlled in DCS/PLC.
  • The sulphur burner melter temperature, VPC temperature , cooler inlet & outlet temperature , steam pressure , Air flow control with respect to temperature, Sulphur spray using VFD are monitored and controlled in DCS.
  • The Sulphited Juice temperature is monitored and controlled.


  • Reduce the human error.
  • Reduce the man power.