Falling Film Evaporator

The falling film evaporator is a crucial equipment of the plant as it is highly useful for reducing the steam consumption. No extra energy is required to pass the juice through FFE, as the juice fed from the top descends over the heating surface in a thin film.

Shrijee manufactures falling film evaporator ranging in heating surface from 1500m2 to 6500m2 having tube length 10-12 meters. Additionally, Shrijee uses the poly-baffle arrestor where in vapors are separated from the juice droplets, giving juice free vapors to be condensed in the subsequent bodies to provide sugar-free condensate to the boiler. Shrijee F.F.E are in operation successfully in India, Indonesia, Kenya & Vietnam.


  • Tubes are secured with baffles to avoid vibrations.
  • Negligible retention time.
  • No boiling point elevation.
  • Option of capacity flexibility.
  • High evaporation rate.
  • Maximum steam economy.
  • Unique design of juice distributor in S.S. construction gives even distribution of juice across the tubes


  • Higher heat transfer co-efficient.
  • Less floor space.
  • No structure is required.
  • Efficient entrainment separation with Shrijee’s specially designed Poly Baffle Arrestor.
Shrijee has supplied and installed more than 40 units ranging in capacity 1,500 sq. mt to 6,500 sq. mt heating surface.
Shrijee has manufactured India’s Biggest Falling Film Evaporator of 6500m2 heating surface

Double Pass Evaporator

Double Pass Evaporators are rising film evaporators with tube length of 2-3M. Double pass evaporators are suitable to operate with varying capacity, operational at 50% capacity as well, no stoppage required during lower crushing capacity.


  • Flexibility to operate at lower capacity at lower crushing rates.
  • No faster scaling even at 50% capacity utilization.
  • High rate of evaporation.
  • High heat transfer.
  • Easy to install and less maintenance.
  • Easy to operate without any special attention.

Radial Flow Evaporator

Radial flow evaporation is an improved design to achieve higher evaporation rate due to high heat transfer coefficient compared to normal Robert evaporators. The Radial Flow Evaporators ensure perfect distribution of steam radially throughout the calendria and efficient removal of condensate as well as non condensable gasses. Improves juice circulation and less scale formation because of more juice re-circulation area.


  • Efficient steam distribution.
  • High heat transfer co-efficient.
  • High evaporation rate (5 kg/M2/hr higher than normal body).
  • More vapour generation.
  • Efficient juice circulation and lesser scale formation, more run duration.
  • Easy installation and less maintenance.
  • Easy to operate and less supervision is required.