Direct Contact Heaters (DCH)

Direct Contact Heater is an alternative heat exchanger to plate and tubular heaters. contact heaters

DCH will work with counter current heat exchange principle. DCH has high heat transfer co-efficient. In the DCH latent heat and part of sensible heat will be utilized for heating duty.
DCH will work with an approach temperature of 0-2°C, whereas tubular heaters and plate heat exchangers will work with 5-7° C approach temperature.

Advantages Of DCH:

  • Counter current operation and high heat transfer co-efficient.
  • Can be run with bled vapours and saving of exhaust steam.
  • Effective utilization of the latent heat and part of the sensible heat.
  • Suitable for heating with low pressure and temperature vapours.
  • No condensate extraction system is required.
  • Low head juice pumps and less power consumption.
  • 0-2° C approach temperature.
  • Suitable for complete automation.
  • Can be operated at pressure and vacuum.

Duplex Heat Exchangers (DHE)

Duplex Heat Exchangers are tubular heat exchangers to heat or cool the liquids. DHE are an assembly of multiple small heat exchangers having single or double pass. DHE shall work with high heat transfer co¬efficient. DHE are suitable for sugar industry as well as chemical and paper industry.

Advantages of DHE:

  • Liquid to liquid Counter current heat exchange.
  • High heat transfer co-efficient.
  • Can be utilized for waste heat recovery, hence steam saving of 1% on cane.
  • Suitable for heating and cooling of liquids and wide range of applications.
  • Easy to install and requires less space.
  • Easy cleaning of tube and less maintenance.
  • Lesser cost of installation.

Tubular Type Juice Heater

Juice Heaters consist of an assembly of tubes and shell. Juice circulates through the tubes and the vapor passes in the shell.

Shrijee offers the following types of tubular juice heaters:

  • Vertical Tubular Juice Heater
  • Vapor Line Tubular Juice Heater
  • Dynamic Tubular Juice Heater

Shrijee’s juice heater manufacturing range is 100 M2 HSA to 500 M2 HAS. The material for the shell is Mild Steel and for tubes is SS 304. Operating Temperature is 300C to 1050C. The juice velocity in the tubes is 1.5 Mtr/Sec to 2.0 Mtr/Sec.

Important features of Shrijee Juice Heater:

  • Multi-circulation of juice
  • Efficient distribution of vapor/steam
  • Easy to open cover
  • Leak proof passes for higher efficiency
  • Positive removal of condensate
  • Proper venting