• Level control in Evaporator bodies by juice flow control
  • The brix in the final evaporator body is maintained by regulating the syrup flow to the final body.
  • The steam flow to evaporator is controlled in proportion to juice flow.
  • The Vapour bleeding from evaporator to juice heaters & Pans are monitored and controlled with respect to setpoint.
  • The vacuum in the evaporator is controlled using condenser automation.

Falling Film Evaporator

  • Maintaining the level in FFE by
    1. Controlling the Transfer Control Valve.
    2. By increasing Recirculation
    3. Open the hot water valve in emergency case to add Hot Water
  • Sense Evaporator Body Level
  • Sense Juice Inlet Flow
  • Evaporator Level has to be maintained for proper Evaporation and Vapor Generation