Article Published in Newsletter of Hero Honda

Using New Technology for Clean Air

Hero Honda has always been at the forefront of protecting the environment. In keeping with this environmental friendly philosophy Hero Honda has taken a bold new step by employing new technology to ensure clean air. This new technology is the “Roof Wind Ventilator”.

225 roof wind ventilators have been installed at the roof of Hero Honda’s Dharuheda factory’s frame assembly (that is where the painting, welding, press and assembly are). Earlier, there were 105 exhaust fans running on electricity for normal wind circulation.

These were removed and roof wind ventilators, which run on natural wind, were installed. By taking this step not only is energy conserved, but also electricity costs are reduced and the danger of fires due to short circuits is averted. It also reduces noise pollution on the shop floor. Further, there are no maintenance costs associated with these roof wind ventilators.

There has been an initial cost of Rs.10.63 lakhs to install these fans, which is not much. Additional benefits are that these roof wind ventilators guarantee a 24 hour, 365 days a year, supply of air. If there is any foul smell in the atmosphere, these ventilators will ensure that the bad air is pumped out and healthy conditions are maintained. The roof wind ventilator works on the principle of difference in air pressure. The wind ventilator uses wind energy to pump hot air outside.

By installing these wind ventilators the company will benefit from a financial standpoint. Earlier, on only 105 exhaust fans, the company was spending Rs. 5,985 per day, which totaled to Rs.149, 625 per month. In comparison the cost of installing 225 roof wind ventilators is only Rs.10.63 lakhs. And since there is no electricity costs associated with these fans, there will be savings of Rs.149, 625 every month.

If we compare the cost of the roof wind ventilators, with the earlier costs of electricity, we find that the costs of the roof wind ventilators will be recovered in 7 months and 13 days.