Shrijee Wind Ventilator Vs. Conventional Ventilator

Shrijee Wind Ventilator

Conventional Ventilators

Shrijee wind ventilators are suitable for any place where natural wind is available. Suitable for only those places where electricity is available.
Operates on natural wind available Requires electrical energy at rated voltage.
Can operate at varying velocities. Any fluctuation in wind velocity affects air discharge marginally without damage to ventilator components. Requires rated electricity. Any fluctuation in voltage & amperage may damage the components of electrically operated system.
Assured operation for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Can operate only when power supply is available.
Do not require any wiring, switching and person to operate. Require necessary wiring, switchboards, and persons to operate.
No maintenance costs, as there are no armatures / field coils / switches. Maintenance required due to the presence of armature, field coil, switches, and carbon brushes.
No electricity bills & installation of Shrijee wind ventilators are free of running costs. Increasing cost of electricity makes electrically operated ventilator a costly proposition.
There are no accident hazards. Suitable for usage in areas sensitive to accidental hazards. Prone to accidents like electrical short circuits & shocks. Accidents could be fatal & losses due to fire could be catastrophic.
Operation is free of rodent menace Rodents can damage electrical wiring resulting in stoppage of ventilation systems.