Factories & workshops

In factories and workshops, the hot and humid working conditions are induced due to various operations carried out, the numerous motors and machinery installed. Improper ventilation will lead to workmen fatigue and lower levels of productivity. In some cases such conditions of working may lead to labour unrest also. The Shrijee Wind Ventilator can resolve this issue very easily.

Godowns & warehouses

Godowns and Warehouses require ventilation to avoid deterioration of products stored. Also there are huge electricity costs associated with conventional ventilators and the there are chances of rodents eating out the electrical wiring. Shrijee Wind Ventilators function for 365 days a year and 24 hours a day without any problems. Though Shrijee Wind Ventilators are made of Aluminum that has very high resistance to corrosion, there are godowns where chemicals and fertilizer product are stored where aluminum is susceptible to corrosion. For applications in such places we offer powder coated wind ventilators which enhance the corrosion resistance at extra costs.

Residential complex

Moist conditions in bungalows and row houses will lead to foul smell, peeling of plaster and paints and unhygienic conditions. Shrijee Wind Ventilators can eliminate unhygienic conditions and the unwanted expenses of household repairs. Unlike regular fans which keep circulating the same hot & moist air available inside, Shrijee Wind Ventilator replaces the moist air with fresh air.

Army barracks

Army Barracks in most of the cases are located where proper infrastructure is not available. In such cases proper electrically operated ventilator systems cannot be installed, while Shrijee Wind Ventilators can easily be used for proper ventilation. Further in most cases, the army barracks are located in places where wind velocities are highly conducive for good performance of Shrijee Wind Ventilators.

Schools, cinema/community hall

In classrooms 40-80 students sit together for extended periods, that too during the hottest periods of the day. Due to hot and humid atmosphere they become tired and restless. Under these circumstances, they will not be in a position to concentrate on the lessons being taught in the classroom. Also, some schools in rural areas may not have uninterrupted power supply. Shrijee Wind Ventilators is the best option for schools.