The Shrijee Infielder is attached to a tractor, and moves paralle to the sugarcane harvester (elevator-type). Its world-class system of hydraulically operated collection cage enables the easy transfer of harvested cane into the transport vehicle that takes the cane to factory.

  • Infielder can be attached to any tractor of minimum 55 hp
  • Infielder can be designed for capacity ranging from 3.5 to 6 tons
  • Multi-purpose, easy to operate & low maintenance
  • Shrijee Infielder has been supplied in India and abroad, receiving highly satisfactory client feedback

Shrijee Infielder Models SH4 & SH6

  • Shrijee Infielder Model SH4 attached to 2 tyre tactor, and Model SH6 attached to 4 tyre tractor
  • Shrijee Infielder model SH4 suitable for small size fields as turning radius is lesser
  • Shrijee Infielder model SH6 is easily detachable from tractor

4 tons infielder in operation in India

6 tons infielder in operation in Zambia

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